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Shaanxi Zhongheng Weichuang metal materials Co., Ltd. is located in Baoji high tech Development Zone, Shaanxi Province. The company’s main products are tantalum, niobium, titanium, zirconium, nickel, vanadium, and its alloy plates, strips, foils, rods, wires, tubes and other conventional products Processing profiles, as well as deep-processing products such as boats, crucibles, sputtering targets, coating targets, machining parts, high-temperature furnace insulation screens, heating elements, furnace bodies (heating furnaces, annealing furnaces), corrosion-resistant equipment, etc. The company has many years of Technology Experience, with a high-quality work team, can provide customers with perfect after-sales service in a timely manner. “Professional qualification and brand building” is the business objective of the company, “excellent quality and trust in price” is the business purpose of the company. Since the establishment of our company, thanks to the full support of people from all walks of life, with the business philosophy of “being realistic, innovative, high-quality and low-cost”, based on careful market adjustment, based on advanced equipment and guaranteed by technical talents, Backed by scientific and rigorous management, we have established a perfect quality assurance system. While pursuing low price, high efficiency and fast speed, we pay more attention to quality assurance, strive to do a good job in every product for customers, and achieve development in growth Always maintain a perfect working attitude and work towards the goal with hope and enthusiasm.

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